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Tachyon Token Announcement: Tachyon (TYX)

Tachyon Token (TYX)

Official Release of Website, Whitepaper, and Roadmap

Tachyon has just announced its official release on the Ethereum network. The brain-child of two budding computer science developers-in-training, Tachyon is a tipping and micro-transactional token made to compliment Ethereum. Intended to be embedded into existing forums, chats, websites, and other possible payment channels, Tachyon is a memorable token aiming to accessorize payments in our future informal digital economy.

As per the newly-released roadmap released on our website, Tachyon’s goal is to create a network of widgets, plug-ins, and payment solutions that are easily integrated into the existing social and economic online infrastructure. With the future release of Tachyon’s light wallet for mobile and desktop, tipping and micro-transactions with TYX is intended to be easy. We want people to say thanks with TYX.

This press release marks the beginning of the Tachyon project – and its distribution will follow a unique airdrop model, 5% for each airdrop until all tokens are distributed. With over 1,300 sign-ups on their form, the TYX token will be formally minted this week. One of the core functions of the TYX token is widespread accessibility, thus the airdrop model allows us to bring TYX to as many wallets as possible.

Science-fiction has often referenced tachyons to send messages, payments, and digital media in an instant – and TYX will be its crypto-embodiment!

Tachyon (TYX) is a new token and currency built on the Ethereum blockchain to streamline peer-to-peer micro-transactions with a focus on ease-of-access, fungibility, and everyday usefulness. Aiming to be an accessible ERC-20 token for tipping and micro-transactions, Tachyon is a cryptocurrency designed to compliment Ethereum. With the Ethereum network rapidly growing, Tachyon hopes to be the light-fuel for the future’s informal digital economy. Reasons for the Project With Ethereum moving from a proof-of-work to a proof-of-stake system, its ecosystem will inevitably expand and improve over time. Yet, with its expansion, there will likely be a need for a go-to token for micro- transactions. This is because, as the price of Ether continues to increase, a smaller and smaller fraction will be needed for the average person. The website itself states in its description that:


"Ether is to be treated as ‘crypto-fuel’, a token whose purpose is to pay for computation, and is not intended to be used as or considered a currency, asset, share or anything else."

This will pose a significant problem since Ethereum has different use-cases when used in smart contracts, payments, and decentralized applications. Ethereum's primary function is not as a currency, but instead as gas for the network. With the Ethereum network only getting larger, its usefulness as a 'currency' will further diminish. Many tokens will thus emerge in time to fulfill this currency function, as a way to accessorize payments done over the Ethereum network. We envision Tachyon (TYX), with its fitting name, as Ethereum’s compliment for tipping and small transfers between friends. Tachyon is a project focused on accessibility—and this includes the novelty aspect of the coin. Meant to be embedded into existing forums, chats, websites, and so on, Tachyon is a memorable token meant to accessorize payments in this digital economy. Why the Name "Tachyon?" Depending on who you task, tachyons might be a theoretical impossibility or an exciting prospect. Based off the Greek word ‘tachys’ meaning ‘swift,’ tachyons are hypothesized particles faster than the speed-of-light. This may seem impossible according to our current understanding of the natural world. To travel at speeds equal to light, one needs a mass of zero. This means that to travel faster-than-light, the particle would need to have a negative mass. Is such a concept possible to conceive? For now, tachyonic particles serve more as a placeholder for imaginary concepts within astrophysics, similar to how the variable i denotes an imaginary number in mathematics (as is the case when, for example, one tries to factor the square root of a negative number). However, string theory calculations of particle vibrations has found that the squared mass derived from these vibrations can sometimes yield an imaginary number. We are likely limited now by our available tools of detection. Regardless of their validity, tachyons have captured the imagination of science-fiction writers and popular culture ever since it was popularized in James Blish’s Star Trek novel Spock Must Die! in 1970. It’s since been seen in Babylon 5, The Watchmen, and many other pop culture references. Science-fiction has often referenced tachyons to send messages, payments, and digital media in an instant – and TYX will be its crypto-embodiment! When will Tachyon be released? Tachyon will be releasing its token in the coming weeks. We will be releasing the TYX token for free as an airdrop to reward those who stumbled upon us early and to get it in as many hands as possible. All you need is an Ethereum wallet like MyEtherWallet and you can receive the token. Tachyon (TYX) is an ERC-20 token built on Ethereum. ✓ Circulating supply will be 299,792,459 which is one more than 299,792,458 m/s, the speed of light in a vacuum. ✓ No inflation or coin burn. All coins are minted immediately at creation. ✓ Divisible by 18 places ✓ Fixed Batch Overflow Bug which broke some ERC-20 tokens TYX’s function is best served token for tipping and micro-transactions. It thus aims to be integrated functionally for tips on forums, chats, and elsewhere for small transfers. With the Casper update coming out in Q4 for Ethereum, sending TYX will be cheaper as well as faster. The first TYX airdrop will distribute 5% of the total supply split among those who expressed early interest. There will be succeeding airdrops of a cumulative 5% on a semi-regular basis until the entire total supply of 299,792,459 TYX is distributed. We are going with this airdrop strategy to ensure the Tachyon token is in as many wallets as possible, a step closer to our goal of complete accessibility. To sign up for the first airdrop, please fill out this three-question form: We will also be releasing a guide on how to receive the tokens and how to add them to your Ethereum wallet before the token's release. Website and Social Media For updates on Tachyon's development and future airdrop dates, please follow one of our social media accounts. Our Website: Twitter: Facebook: Telegram Channel: Telegram Chatroom: Reddit: Medium:


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