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2.1 Million SOP To Give Away On

2.1 Million SOP To Give Away On is going to give away 2.1 million SOP based on the following activities:

1. SOP Airdrop Round

Follow our twitter @gate_io & Medium, retweet SOP Trading Competition post to get the random amount of 100,000 SOP airdrop during the period from July 28 to July 31 2018. Please follow their twitter @gate_io to know more details.

2. Trading SOP to win 2 million SOP

Activity time: 2018/07/28 6:00 UTC-- 2018/08/05 6:00 UTC


(1) During the activity, the top 50 buyers will share 2 million SOP based on their SOP buy volume calculated by the formula: (buy amount - sell amount) x (time factor). Same account trades are excluded. (time factor) decays linearly from 1.2 to 1.0 during the competition.

(2)To keep the competition fair, the trading volume will be multiplied by(actual commission/VIP 10 commission)to eliminate the differences in commission.

(3)As trading fee may be different because of the referral program, so trading volume will be normalized according to whether there is any recommendation to keep the competition fair.

The share ratio of SOP : (1)The first prize:500,000 SOP (2)The second prize:300,000 SOP (3)The third prize:200,000 SOP (4)The remaining 47 traders will share 1,000,000 SOP based on their SOP trading volume.

About SoPay (SOP): SoPay is designed to offer easier and better user experience to enable cryptocurrency for consumer use cases. By downloading and installing the SoPay APP, enter 4-digit PIN code, users can send/receive payment to/from others via phone number or user ID. Each and every transaction is completed within seconds. Payment received can be spent immediately. Because the SoPay APP is build on the decentralized architecture, neither of the merchant service provider or third party is able to collect users’ information (for instance, account balance, transaction history, loan/payment address, etc...). In any case of reinstalling OS or switching phone, as long as users is able to receive 4-digit PIN code via the registered phone number, they will be able reclaim the secure access to their assets, and payment is available in all APPs and networks. The SoPay solution includes: SoAPI, SoChain, SoLightning Networks, SoX and SoPayAPP.

SOP is up 8.16% over the past 24 hours and is currently trading at $0.021157 USD.


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