Steve Bannon is creating a 'deplorables' cryptocurrency to boost global populism

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon is working on a cryptocurrency project to reward political activism and “provide an alternative to the financial system”, according to an entrepreneur who claims to be working on the project.

“It would provide financial services, and a reward for political activity,” says blockchain investor and businessman Jeffrey Wernick. “Not necessarily for one party, but just for participating in the process: for supporting independents, not just democrats or republicans.”

Wernick, a former trader at defunct investment bank Salomon Brothers who has restyled himself as a blockchain evangelist and investor, said he would meet Bannon over the next two weeks to further define how the populist cryptocurrency will work. “[It will be a reward for activism] not necessarily [in] one particular party—but more for political activism outside of the establishment,” he says.



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