‘Bitcoin (BTC) Manipulation Did Happen. But to push BTC to Current Low Levels,’ says John McAfee

john mcafee btc manipulation happened to drive prices lower

John McAfee, the Crypto Crusader, has postulated a new theory of how Bitcoin (BTC) was manipulated. This was after a team of researchers at the University of Texas (Austin) released a research paper that suggests that Tether (USDT) was used to ‘prop’ or ‘hold’ the price of Bitcoin during times of turmoil in the crypto markets. John McAfee has since negated this theory from the researchers via Twitter and had this to say to his loyal followers: “The mainstream media – controlled by the existing power structure – reports that price manipulation was involved in Bitcoin’s price rise last year. Manipulation did happen, but it was a conspiracy to push the price of Bitcoin to the absurd low level that you see today. Wise up!”




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