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Ripple Could Climb 95% Next Week, XRP To See $1.20!

ripple (xrp)

The markets look to be recovering from a drought that has seen the life zapped out of a number of currencies. Values are looking pretty low overall; however, we should consider that values are not as low as those seen at the start of April, prior to the mid-April market surge. During this period Ripple, managed to climb from $0.49, up to a value of $0.96, stopping just short of $1.00. This was a rise of 95% and therefore we can argue that the next market surge, could bring another rise in a similar volume. Ripple is down 4% over the past 24 hours and is currently trading at $0.605707. It can be bought on exchanges such as (with fiat), Binance (with bitcoin), or Changelly (with a credit card).


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