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Binance Lists Qlink (QLC)

binance qlink

Binance has listed Qlink (QLC) trading pairs with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). The pairs are now available for deposit and trading. About Qlink: There are lots of problems with current mobile networks. For example, unbalanced allocation of infrastructures, wasted bandwidth, lack of content awareness, rigid payment system, and an overall lack of trust and privacy protection. QLC Chain is the first decentralized mobile network powered by the blockchain. The features of the QLC Chain project include:

QLC Chain: A public blockchain that is the foundation of the decentralized mobile network operating system

QLC hardware: Personal WIFI & LTE router that function as full nodes of QLC Chain.

dApp ecosystem: Developers will have the ability to create unique applications on top of the QLC Chain

QLC token (QLC): Value transfer within the ecosystem. All purchases of network services are made with QLC.


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